Education: overview, structure, classes, exams, costs 

Grants and benefits: school education grants available in France

Higher education: university costs and grants

Choosing a lycee - deciphering all the acronyms and understanding how lycee works

Options for clever kids: the OIB  What is the OIB and how to apply

Comparing Bac and A level grades

Special needs in education  in and outside mainstream schooling

Going Private -  Why choose a private school in France?

Complaining about schools and teachers

Brevet : what is it and revision tips

France admits bullying

Slapping in French schools

Autism  Kate Davenport writes about her struggle to get her son diagnosed as autistic and into mainstream schooling

more education stories

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  1. My son is in the process of trying to decide between a Bac Pro and Bac Generale. This is further complicated by the fact his marks are average and the college is saying they might not recommend him for a BAC generale. But he doesn't know what sort of Bac Pro he wants to do! Anyone in the same situation.


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