Schools – what do we want?

What do we parents want from schools? Are the three Rs taking a backseat in favour of issues like living together and respectingg others? And, if so, is it our fault?

Yes and yes according to outspoken French journalist Natacha Polony who has accused schools of neglecting the basics of education – and parents of having a too "consumerist vision" of schools.

'Knowledge has gradually been abandoned in favour of what educational professionals call "skills", she said in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper.

She says that teachers are too hung up on teaching stuff like hygiene, racism and road safety to leave enough time for basics like reading and writing.

Many French parents have recently threatened to keep their children away from school for fear that lessons in "gender theory" may promote same sex relationships.

Polony also attacked "global teaching methods". Abandoning phonics, she argues, means that teachers are unable to teach children to read. 'To fight against illiteracy we must return to conventional methods.'

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