smacking debate reopens

A man from Limoges has been fined €500 for smacking his nine-year-old son because the boy had failed to greet him with a bonjour over the previous few days.

The father, apparently unrepentant, claimed he was victim of "a current fashion that does not want us to discipline children".

The prosecutor, however, said that inflicting physical punishment on children belonged to a "bygone era".
However, unlike most EU states, France does not outlaw corporal punishment. Violence against children is illegal but parents have the "right to discipline".

The charity Fondation pour l'enfance upped its campaign to ban smacking earlier this year with the  T.V. launch of a video showing the effects, in slow motion, of a "harmless" clip round the ears.
See the video here

More from kidsinfrance on the use of corporal punishment in France here

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