school sexism?

image from the Telegraph

Girls are chosen to look after the class if the teacher is briefly absent because they are 'more responsible'.

Boys get preferential treatment from teachers because they 'struggle more'.

Boys are marked in terms of cognitive ability whereas girls are marked on the basis of their positive attitude.

These are just a few of the conclusions in a report by l'inspection générale de l'éducation nationale which says that schools are still enforcing sexual stereotypes leading to inequality between the sexes in education.

More than 50 percent of girls go through their school career without repeating a year compared to just 40 percent of boys but girls are still far less likely to be doing a bac S (science).

The authors of the report, L'égalité entre filles et garçons dans les écoles et les établissements, found a strong resistance among teachers to focusing on gender equality and avoiding gender stereotypes and goes on to recommend more training for teachers in these areas.

A pilot programme, the ABCD de l'Egalité,  is taking place this month in 500 schools aimed at “stopping young children from absorbing ideas about the inequality of the sexes” and, if successful,  could be rolled out across the country.

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