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French driving schools have incomprehensible rates and the quality and price of lessons varies enormously.

They also fail to display their costs clearly leading to would-be learner drivers being pressurised to sign up once they have gone inside to ask about prices, according to a survey of nearly 500 driving schools by the consumer organisation Association nationale de défense des consommateurs et usagers (CLCV).

The price of the legal minimum of 20 hours driving instruction varies from, for example, €780 in Lille to €1,490 in Paris and the rates of lessons beyond the 20 hour minimum vary even more widely.

Driving schools also fail to display information about their success rates and the average time it takes their learners to be ready to sit their test. In Paris fewer than half of candidates pass their test first time whereas in Alpes de Haute-Provence the success rate is seven out of ten.

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