School's Out - for ever! (for terminales)

WELL done to all those terminales who have just finished their bac. Fingers crossed for July5!

Hopefully no followers of this site had the same idea as one mother in Paris who put on a load of makeup and a pair of low-slung jeans and sat one of her 19 year old daughter's exams.

But an eagle-eyed invigilator spotted that she was not the same person who had sat the Monday philosophy exam and when she had finished her paper police were waiting to take her to the 10th arrondissement commissariat.

She is now facing fraud charges and her daughter risks being banned from official exams for up to five years.

The reason the mother did not arouse suspicion when she arrived is that people of all ages take the bac, including 91-year old Marcel from Dijon who this year became the oldest person to do his bac, beating the previous record held by  87-year-old René Buffière.

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