bac results - and the épreuves de rattrapage

Just days to go now so good luck to all our bac candidates!
The results are out on July 5 and if you get 10/20 or more, congratulations, you have your bac!
If you get between 8-10 out of 20, however, you still have a second chance to get your bac now rather than having to repeat a year: the épreuves de rattrapage (also known as the épreuves du 2nd groupe).

You will need to choose two subjects that you have done your written exams in (either last year at the end of première, or in terminale) in which you think you have a good chance of improving your marks.

i.e. this doesn't necessarily mean choosing your best subjects as you may already have done as well as you can in these, but subjects where you think you can improve your results.

You will then be examined in these two subjects orally - the rattrapages are oral exams - and if you do better than you did in the written exam your marks will be adjusted accordingly which may bring your moyenne up to 10 – in which case you will be awarded your bac.

As soon as your results come out, if you are admitted into the 2nd group (meaning you have between 8-10/20) you need to go to your exam centre (probably your school) and collect your detailed results. 
You will now see how many marks you need to make up and in which subjects you have the best chance of increasing your marks.
Then you need to sign up, also at your exam centre, for the rattrapages.

NB: You must do all this as fast as possible as the rattrapages take place 2 working days after the bac results are announced, i.e., this year, between 8 and 10 July.

The results of the rattrapages are given later the same day.

Take heart: two out of three candidates who do the rattrapages go on to get their bac!

Note: Students who get marks lower than 8/20 cannot take the rattrapages but will have to repeat a year if they want another go at getting a bac.

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