school dinners

The quality of school dinners is up since guidelines on starchy foods, dairy products and vegetables were introduced in 2011.

According to a survey of 600 school cantines by the consumer grop UFC-Que Choisir, more kitchens are complying with nutritional rules although there is still concern about the increase in junk food on school menus.

The group also found that private schools, especially those catered for by large catering firms, are showing less improvement than state schools, with poor nutritional balance in their meals.

Que Choisir also criticised schools which offer a direct choice between meat and chicken nuggets or fresh fruit versus a creamy dessert.

Overall, primary schools offer the best meals while many secondary schools still need to offer more salads, fish, meat and fruit. In some secondary schools, the report noted, it is still possible to go for a month without eating any red meat.

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