flying the flag

Now here's an initiative that's going to improve school standards.
Gathered to discuss the new education bill, senators have voted to make flying the French flag over school buildings compulsory.

They have also ruled that the Republic's motto

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité must be inscribed over main entrances.
This applies to all écoles, collèges and lycées as well as private schools registered with the Ministry of Education.
Until now, said Education Minister Vincent Peillon, there has been no law to enforce the flying of the flag. He believes that making sure that the Tricolore is on prominent display, as well as a further senators' amendment demanding that the 1789 Declaration of human rights rights is displayed within all schools, will reinforce pupils' attachment to the values of the Republic.
The education bill also pledges to create 60,000 new teaching posts over the next five years, beef up teacher training and make getting the under-threes into school a priority.

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