More English at French universities?

Regalia of l'Académie Française

In a bid to attract foreign students, universities all over the world teach courses in English these days (here) and France wants to follow suit.
But proposals to offer more teaching in English have caused outrage among defenders of the French language, including, unsurprisingly, the Académie Française which says that this would "harm the status of the French language in Universities".

Currently, teaching in English is only allowed when a course specifically involves learning English or when foreign lecturers visit.
The proposed amendment to the Code de l'Education would lift these restrictions, making France a more attractive option for bright foreign students who currently choose either British or American universities.
Many French students, some of whom are already applying for British and American universities, would also jump at the chance to study partly in English.
But opponents to the proposed changes, lead by three French authors Frédéric Werst, Eugène Green and Olivier Rolinargue, say they are "insulting" and anti-repulican" and will disadvantage French students who are not fluent in English.

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