More English at French universities?

Regalia of l'Académie Française

In a bid to attract foreign students, universities all over the world teach courses in English these days (here) and France wants to follow suit.
But proposals to offer more teaching in English have caused outrage among defenders of the French language, including, unsurprisingly, the Académie Française which says that this would "harm the status of the French language in Universities".

the birth diaries, Victoria Jelinek

“A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.” Stendhal

I had my baby. His name is Sebastian Leo and he weighed 4 kilos. He’s healthy (passed some post birth test with flying colours which measures and grades signs of health, such as number of fingers, toes, lungs, breathing, organ functions, on a scale of 1-10). 

For my caesarean, they wheeled me on a gurney through a maze of hospital halls and left me outside the operating theatre for a bit. Then I went in, and nurses spoke to me from above as I lay on my back, like a David Lee Roth video, which was disorienting, especially as everyone spoke French and I was having trouble concentrating.