free kids' ferry travel

To mark National Ferry Fortnight, Brittany Ferries is launching a special offer for families travelling this summer - including throughout the school holidays. On all 4 cruise-ferry routes between the UK and France up to 2 children in a car can travel free. They are also throwing in a free day cabin and waiving the surcharge for a rear bike rack.

The special offer can be booked during National Ferry Fortnight from 2nd to 16th March for travel any time during 2013. Visit or call 0871 244 1400 quoting account number 614193.

Certain exclusions apply including overnight sailings, high speed sailings, Saturday afternoon sailings ex France during August and foot passenger fares.

the Pregnancy Diaries: the Birth. by Victoria Jelinek

“Don’t tell your kids you had an easy birth or they won’t respect you. For years I used to wake up my daughter and say, “Melissa, you ripped me to shreds. Now go back to sleep.” Joan Rivers

I’m actually in the hospital room in Sallanches waiting for them to take me to the operating theatre for my C-section. My husband and I got to the hospital at 6am with the operation scheduled for 8:30.

Protests over longer school days

Francois Hollande's plans to introduce Wednesday morning school for primary school pupils and pad out the other days with longer lunch breaks or study periods continue to provoke protest.
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those myths about bilingualism

Despite the wealth of research showing the advantages of being bilingual and the scientific data disproving the downsides, myths about the "dangers" of bringing up a bilingual child linger on...

the pregnancy diaries, Victoria Jelinek

If pregnancy were a book they would cut the last two chapters. Nora Ephron

I’m overwhelmed and exhausted and I’ve not even had the tyke yet! A caesarean is planned for me because the baby looks as though he’ll be too big (and at this point, he’s sideways). 
Makes me chuckle, ‘cause ‘trop grand’ in French (4kg) is not uncommon in the UK and America. As my brother said, “We throw that size back in the water!” 

question for Dr Ruth

My daughter is 14, is in 4ème at collège. I am not sure if she is just being a teenager or if there is a more serious issue. She has recently had a nightmare where she woke up crying saying there were voices in her head but could not say what the voices were. 

She also gets these voices when she is alone in quiet places, e.g. if she is in her room with no music on. I ask her not to have tv or music on when doing homework but she is frightened that if she does not have background noise the voices will come. We were recently in the UK and it happened there and has happened again since being back.