UCAS deadline

The deadline is fast approaching for terminales hoping to go to UK universities either this year or next (following a gap year). UCAS applications need to be in by 15 January - next Tuesday.
Living in France means that you must make a private application via UCAS rather than having it done through the school, as would happen if you were in the UK.

Read more about preparing for the Jan 15 deadline here

Registration costs £23 for a choice of up to 5 UK universities. As an EU student you will be eligible for the UK student loan to cover tuition fees of up to £9,000.
If you were schooled in the UK for five years or more you may also be eligible for maintenance  grants/loans to cover your living costs. Or you may also be eligible for the means tested French grants - we will cover the financial aspects of higher education in the UK and France over the coming months.

The most important part of your UCAS application at this stage is your "personal statement" on which your offer will be based. This is up to around 400 words and is your chance to sell yourself to prospective universities.
There are good tips on writing your personal statement here:





You must also have a reference from one of your teachers before you can complete your application. And expect to be asked to provide copies of your brevet results and results of the bac exams you did last year.

Making applications to UK universities via UCAS will not affect your applications to French universities later in the year.

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