Deadlines for university accommodation and grants

Terminales who plan to go to university in France this autumn can now apply for student grants and accommodation. Completed dossiers must be in by April 30 so it's a good idea to start the process as soon as possible

Victoria Jelinek: the pregnancy diaries

Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
One of the reasons I was reluctant to have a child was because I worried about the state of the world. My husband told me these worries were a rationalisation for my greater concerns like my not wanting to forfeit naps. 
He argued that negative global events are precisely the reason that thoughtful individuals should have children. 

Toddler tied to chair by teacher

A teacher in Narbonne has been accused of tying a three-year-old to his chair as a punishment for being 'silly and restless' according to Le Parisien newspaper.
The child's mother was made aware of the incident by the parents of another child who told them what had happened. According to the mother's account, the teacher went ahead even though the boy was crying and begging her not to.
However the teacher, a supply teacher with twenty years experience, denies the incident and says she only threatened the child. Another teacher has backed her up.
Nevertheless, the teacher has been withdrawn from the school while police and education authorities investigate. The Narbonne public prosecutor’s office says it is taking the allegation extremely seriously.

bac & brevet dates 2013

Horrible to think about it but June will arrive all too fast for troisièmes, premières and secondes sitting exams this summer. Maybe seeing the dates in print will help concentrate the mind?
Bac and brevet dates are now out:
click here for bac dates
and here for brevet

Schools should also have fixed the dates for the bacs and brevets blancs (mocks) by now.

UCAS deadline

The deadline is fast approaching for terminales hoping to go to UK universities either this year or next (following a gap year). UCAS applications need to be in by 15 January - next Tuesday.