Q&A: part-time jobs and child benefits

My daughter (18, in terminale) has a part-time waitressing job. She worked for most of half term and wants to continue working one evening a week and weekends to earn extra pocket money. 
Will this affect the child benefits I receive for her?

A: For a student to be considered still dependent on their family, in which case the family continues to receive child benefits, they cannot earn more than a fixed amount.

Students' earnings are calculated in six month periods, from October 1 - 31 March and 1 April - 30 September. During these periods their average monthly earnings must be lower than 857€ per month.
So, for example, if a student earned 1,200€ per month in July and August this would come to 2400€ divided by 6, in other words an average of 400€ a month which would fall well within the limits and not affect your CAF payments.

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