Changes to the bac 2013

Some alterations to the bac happened this June but the real changes take place next year, 2013, affecting students currently in première and terminale
Probably the biggest change is the emphasis on foreign languages across the board with oral language exams for all students. In other words, S and L candidates will no longer be able to get their bac without an oral foreign language exam. In addition,  ES students will have to do a written language test in their second foreign language as well as their first and L students will have a 30 minute oral in both their foreign languages.

BAC S  More orals for bac S both in langages, engineering and the new ISN  (informatique et sciences du numérique).

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BAC L  For bac Ls there will be more emphasis on languages with more orals on top of the written tests, including an oral in both your foreign languages.  There will also be an oral exam on foreign literature in the language concerned, known as LELE for littérature étrangère en langue étrangère and you can also choose your “langue vivante approfondie” as your specialist subject.

See the changes in full here:

BAC ES  Two novelties for the Bac ES – languages will carry an oral exam as well as written one and students can now choose their special subject between maths and two new courses, social sciences and politics or extra economics.
Changes in full here:

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