Changes to the bac 2013

Some alterations to the bac happened this June but the real changes take place next year, 2013, affecting students currently in première and terminale
Probably the biggest change is the emphasis on foreign languages across the board with oral language exams for all students. In other words, S and L candidates will no longer be able to get their bac without an oral foreign language exam. In addition,  ES students will have to do a written language test in their second foreign language as well as their first and L students will have a 30 minute oral in both their foreign languages.

the Pregnancy Diaries

The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.” Aristotle

I met the anaesthesiologist in Sallanches hospital. That’s a difficult word for me to say even in English. I read somewhere that there are 13 anaesthesiologists per 100k of the population in France, whereas the US & UK have a 1/3 less.

Q&A: part-time jobs and child benefits

My daughter (18, in terminale) has a part-time waitressing job. She worked for most of half term and wants to continue working one evening a week and weekends to earn extra pocket money. 
Will this affect the child benefits I receive for her?

A: For a student to be considered still dependent on their family, in which case the family continues to receive child benefits, they cannot earn more than a fixed amount.

Offline dangers

It is easy, these days, to become obsessed by online threats to our children but the EU Kids Online Project has come up with a timely reminder that more threats lurk in the offline than online world.