time to get a 'flu jab

Flu vaccines are now ready and while vulnerable groups are being offered free jabs, the government is urging everyone, including children, to get vaccinated this winter.

The over 65s, pregnant women and, for the first time, the obese will be receiving vouchers entitling them to a free jab. You should take these vouchers to the chemist to collect your vaccine which you will need to have administered by your GP or a nurse.

Anyone not entitled to a free vaccine can buy a dose for around 6.50€ and this will be reimbursed at the usual rates, depending on your health insurance.

Take up last year was disappointing, including among people in the most at risk groups, and flu is believed to have been responsible an extra 6,000 deaths last winter compared to normal figures.

NB: the vaccine only lasts a few months so if you were vaccinated last winter you will need a fresh dose now.

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