Q&A: challenging your marks

Following your post last week on How to get Higher Marks is it possible to challenge a pupil's marks if you feel that a teacher is unfairly marking them down? And how do you go about this?

A: Although most pupils probably think it is better to keep quiet and grumble in private, it is in fact absolutely fine to go and see a teacher and ask why your marks are lower than you had expected. According to one French teacher, the point when work is returned to students is exactly when they should go through the corrections and raise any concerns they have. A teacher can then go through the work with the student and explain why they have given the marks they have.
And, she adds, it is always possible that a teacher makes a mistake, either when correcting the work or when adding up the marks, in which case they will be happy to correct the error. However, she warns, it is not a good idea to challenge your marks on a regular basis.


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