the Pregnancy Diaries: a father's perspective

of the Six-month Stage
By Kingsley Jones
It’s about now that I realise that I know absolutely nothing about babies, nappies, birth, or how not to kill them in the first few days or weeks.

Q&A: changing your bac pro

Following your article on school refusal, I see the signs in my son. He started a bac pro in September but is unhappy with his choice of subject. Can he change?

A: Cases of changing mid-course are pretty rare but it is possible if his marks are reasonably good and if he wants to change to a similar-ish subject, for example, from business to sales. If he wants to change subject completely, for example, from business to electronics then he would need to repeat his seconde.

The end of homework?

Francois Hollande's government is planning to take the 'home' out of homework, at least for primary school children. It claims that homework is elitist because it favours middle class children who get support from their parents.
However, before pupils jump for joy, the idea is for children to do their homework at school, at the end of the school day.

School refusal: warning signs

Some 150,000 students drop out of school every year and the peak period is around the move from collège to lycée, i.e. in troisième or seconde, when pupils can feel bored, see their marks go down, feel lost and isolated.
Here, we look at the reasons why children drop out  and how to spot the warning signs that your child might be becoming demotivated so you can act before it is too late.

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“Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?” Carl Jung

My brother had a pulmonary embolism last week. It’s a blood clot in the lung that can cause sudden death. I’d be so sad if something were to happen to him that I don’t even want to think about that.

Q&A: challenging your marks

Following your post last week on How to get Higher Marks is it possible to challenge a pupil's marks if you feel that a teacher is unfairly marking them down? And how do you go about this?

Primary school changes

Every new President likes to fiddle with the school calendar and Francois Hollande is no exception. He has set his sights on primary schools and plans to make several changes to the school calendar from next year.
Firstly, he wants to increase school attendance from four to four and half days a week while at the same time shortening the school day – as well as the length of the summer holidays.

time to get a 'flu jab

Flu vaccines are now ready and while vulnerable groups are being offered free jabs, the government is urging everyone, including children, to get vaccinated this winter.

Q&A: gap year

My daughter finishes her bac next September and is planning to go on to a French university. However, she would like to take a gap year like her friends back in the UK. Can you do this in France?

How to get higher marks

It’s perhaps not that surprising but marks handed out by collège and lycée teachers can be highly subjective – and now research has proved it.
A child’s reputation, attitude, social background, parents and even their sex can influence how generously or severely they are marked, leading to some pupils being unfairly treated.