Universities that teach in English

Politecnico di Milano

An increasing number of universities around the world are offering undergraduate courses taught in English and indeed some are now doing all their teaching in English which makes them attractive to ambitious students who want to graduate which an extra skill under their belt.
It can also make them attractive to British-born students as, adventure apart, the fees and cost of living can be lower than in the UK–or France.

Here is a list of universities teaching in English, compiled by the Telegraph:

Maastricht University in the Netherlands has had a surge of UK applicants since tuition fees started climbing, as courses there are around just €1,700 a year. The university offers about half of its undergraduate courses in English, and most of its master's and PhD programmes are taught in English too.

Earlier this year, one of Italy's leading universities, the Politecnico di Milano, announced that from 2014 virtually all of its degree courses will be taught and assessed in English.

The National University of Singapore is not only 28th best university in the world, according to last year's QS World University rankings, but teaches entirely in English.

Riga Technical University in Latvia offers a huge range of undergraduate degrees in English, including telecommunications, aviation transport and environmental science. Best of all, it has fees of around £1,200 a year.

One of Asia's most prestigious education insitutions, Hong Kong University, teaches almost entirely in English. Fees there are equivalent to Britain's, but students say the cost of living can be much lower.

Maastricht University
Bonn University in Germany has a range of specially designed courses for international students, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, which are fully or partially taught in English. Disciplines include humanities and cultural studies, law, natural sciences and mathematics.

Norway charges no tuition fees, even for international students, and an increasing number of its universities are offering courses in English. The University of Stavanger has a range of English undergraduate degrees, including in computer science, mathematics and physics and music and dance. Oslo University has more than 40 master's degree programmes in English.

France's highly selective Sciences Po, which specialises in the social sciences, is the alma mater of many of the country's political elite. Some courses are taught entirely in English; for others, although you will need to prove a working grasp of French, there is still a multilingual curriculum.

If you're keen to study business, Copenhangen Business School in Denmark is one of the largest business schools in Europe, with over 17,000 students. What's more, nearly half of its courses are taught in English.

Also in the Netherlands is Leiden University. For most of its courses a decent command of Dutch is necessary, but a few of its BAs – including International Studies Liberal Arts and Sciences – are taught entirely in English. From the second year onwards, many undergraduate courses are also conducted in English.


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