texting our teens

Anyone else out there who can only get their teens' attention by texting them? Here's a great excerpt from Allison (I Don't Know How She Does It) Pearson's Telegraph column:

Look into my crystal ball. It is England, 2045, and the last voice has been heard in the land. Vocal chords have withered through lack of use. A larynx is on display at the Science Museum to remind visitors of how people used to talk in the days before texting.

Other extinct species include the landline, chatty email and even something unrecognisable called “the letter”. 

According to Ofcom, texting is now the most popular form of communication among British adults. The average person sends 200 texts a month, which is pretty feeble compared with the 100 or more a day sent by American teenagers.
If you want to get the attention of their British counterparts, you are far better off texting them than braving the debris of their room. The Daughter will actually respond to my texts, although she regards my use of punctuation and capital letters as LOL.
Soon we will hear people saying, “I’m a 60 a day man. I’ve got to cut down.” 
But texting, like smoking, may prove a habit almost impossible to break.

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