A British degree – without the fees?

Studying in France for a British degree accredited by a British university can prove the perfect combination for Anglophones brought up in France. In some cases, it can work out a lot cheaper as the fees are lower than the top-up fees in the UK (now up to £9,000 a year). Moreover, the environment is very cosmopolitan, with students coming from all over Europe – and the world. 

‘We have a lot of students with British passports who have spent part of their life in France – that’s why they want to come here,’ says Linda Price from IPAG Business School in Nice which has teamed up with Nottingham Trent University. ‘Many students brought up in France are not ready, at 18, to move to the UK on their own. They want a British degree to add to their French baccalaureate but even though they are British they have spent so long in France that going to the UK can be a brutal culture shock. Coming here, they still get to study abroad, often in the UK, when they’re a bit older and another obvious attraction is that they get a British degree from a British University but without paying three years of high British fees. This is also what attracts international students which is why we have a great cosmopolitan mix.’ 
Most of the degrees on offer are in Business and Politics, although French Studies and Graphic Arts are also possibilities in France. At Master’s level, there is more choice, from History of Art to Comparative Literature.

IPAG Business School
IPAG Business School in Nice and Nottingham Trent University in the UK offer a BA in International Business Administration with French. IPAG Business School has two sites – one in Paris and one in Nice. IPAG offers year one and two of the three-year International Business Administration degree of Nottingham Business School, with tuition fees that are lower than those in the UK. The final year is studied in Nottingham. All courses are taught in English, but French language courses, from complete beginner to advanced, are also offered as part of the degree programme in Nice. However, stresses Price, this is not a French degree taught in English, but a British degree using British teaching methods. Many British-based students, wishing to study abroad as part of their degree, opt to go away during their third year of study and return to the UK for their fourth and final year, but at Nice, they’ll graduate in three years instead of four.

University of Kent
Kent offers a BA in Politics and International Relations (Bi-diplôme) in partnership with the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP) in Lille. Students spend the first and fourth years in Lille and the second and third in Canterbury. They are awarded the BA from the University of Kent after four years of study. To obtain the Diplôme of the IEP, students must successfully complete a fifth year of study either at the IEP or at Kent. The university also offers MA programmes in Comparative Literature, French and Comparative Literature, Modern French Studies, Modern History, Postcolonial Studies, English and American Literature and Film Studies. Students spend their first term in Canterbury and their second term in Paris. Fees are paid to Kent.

University of Cardiff
Cardiff offers a four-year scheme which allows students to obtain the BSc (Econ) in Politics from Cardiff University, as well as the Diploma from the prestigious Sciences Po in Bordeaux (one of nine Instituts d'Etudes Politiques in France). Each year around 15 to 20 French and British students are admitted onto the scheme. The students divide their time evenly between the two centres. All students spend their first and third years in Cardiff, and their second and final years in Bordeaux. The scheme is very competitive. Along with language skills, candidates need a background in social sciences or history. Applicants who are French nationals, who hold the French baccalaureat and/or who have been educated in France for most of their school lives should apply through Bordeaux IEP.

University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP)
The University of London Institute in Paris is the only faculty of a British university to be based abroad. It offers a three-year BA degree in French Studies and an MA in Paris Studies – History and Culture. Tuition fees are the same as for other British universities.

EEGP – L’Ecole des créatifs
The EEGP in Angers is the only French establishment that runs a HND course in graphic arts – popular in the UK, America and Australia. The HND is at the same academic and professional level as a French BTS. The course is run in French and English. The cost is €4,470 a year.

IESA offers an MA in History and Business of Art and Collecting, validated by the University of Warwick. The course is run in English and takes two years. After the first year, students obtain a Post Graduate Diploma from the University of Warwick, and after the second year, an MA.
During the first year, students spend one term in Paris and one in London, with fortnight-long study trips to Brussels and Florence. In February, students must do work experience in either Paris or London. The second year is spent entirely in London. The cost of the two-year MA is €17,000.
The institute is also starting an MA in History and Business of the Contemporary Art Market, in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery and validated by Liverpool John Moores University. In the first year, the first semester is taught in Paris and the second in London, with study trips to Berlin, Glasgow and Liverpool. The second year is taught in London.

University of Sheffield
Sheffield offers a Masters degree in European Public Health. The course is part of an Erasmus Mundus collaboration involving Sheffield and five other European institutions, and it is led by the National School of Public Health in Rennes. The first year of the course is spent in Sheffield and the second year in one of the other European institutions. At the end, students receive both the MPH in Public Health from Sheffield and the equivalent award from the university where study was undertaken in the second year. 

Reims Management School
Reims offers a three-year degree in management. Students spend one term in the second year in one of the institution’s 17 partners in Europe. It also offers a four-year degree in international management. Students spend the first two years in Reims, and the second two abroad. They can then choose to do one more year to receive a master’s degree. 

Paris School of Business
The Paris School of Business offers a BA in Business Administration, taught entirely in English. Over 70 nationalities are represented at the school. The programme is accredited by the International Assembly for the Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Tuition fees are 7,500 a year. 

With the Erasmus programme, students at a French university can carry out between three months to a year of their studies at another university in Europe – many students choose to go to the UK. Some students will be eligible for an Erasmus grant. Students continue to pay fees in France rather than abroad. To find out more, talk to the international relations sector of the university.

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By Rebecca Lawn

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