beware the bargains in your trolley

While the price of your favourite or regular foodstuffs might appear to have gone down, so, very possibly, has the content.

According to the French consumer association 60millions de consommateurs, the weight and quantity of foodstuffs is being reduced as a sneaky way of raising prices without appearing to do so.
For example, some drink containers have shrunk from 75cl to 60cl and while the price appears have gone down by five centimes, if you look at the price per litre it has actually gone up 23%.
Or watch out for breakfast cereals which are offered in larger packet sizes – from 375g to 430g – but where the price per kilo has gone up 17% over the past year.
Even toilet paper is affected: a reader wrote in to 60 millions saying that they had measured a 4mm increase in the width of the cardboard tube, resulting in fewer sheets of paper.
The only way to shop, in other words, is to make sure you compare the per litre and per kilo prices, not prices per item.

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