Loans and tuition fees

We have had quite a few enquiries about whether UK nationals living in France are entitled to UK student loans and living allowances if they go to university in the UK.
Both UK nationals living abroad and European students are now eligible for financial help with tuition fees in the UK. To apply for financial help, you’ll need to fill in the relevant application form for your type of course and year of study and then send the completed form to the Student Finance Services European Team by the relevant deadline ( 

The maximum you can borrow depends on the fees of your university; it is not affected by household income. 
To qualify for help with living costs, you have to be an EU national who has lived in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for three years or more by the time you start your course. If this is your case, then you need to apply in the same way as students in England, Wales or Northern Island. 
France created a student loan system in 2008. Any French or European student under the age of 28 is entitled to take out a loan to help with the cost of studying. The maximum amount is €15,000. To take out a loan, you need to go directly to one of the five partner banks: Banque populaire, BRED, Caisse d’Epargne, CIC and Société Générale. Interest is between three and four percent. 
Students from the European Union are eligible for an income-assessed grant in France if they are under 26 and at least one of their parents is working in France. If a student is eligible for an income-assessed grant, this is transferable if they spend part of their course abroad (such as on an Erasmus programme). 
A few grants are available for students registered at French universities who wish to continue their education in America or Canada. The grants are competitive and mainly aimed at students who have already got their first degree or Masters.

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