Check your tetanus jabs

GP's (médécins traitants) are urging patients to check that tetanus vaccinations - part of the DTCPolio Hib vaccine - are up to date following an increase in the number of deaths from tetanus in France.

Children are routinely vaccinated in France, as in the UK, and offered boosters but you should nevertheless check that your child has had a booster in the past five years.

Adults, too, need to check they are up to date, particularly those born before 1961, when the jab became routine in UK schools.

Those who have died in France have mostly been older - post retirement age - but all the deaths could have been avoided if boosters had been up to date.

Remember, too, that GPs are also urging parents to check that children are up to date with their rougeole (measles) vaccination following an increase in cases of the disease. 

If your child had two jabs in infancy they are OK, if they had only one, they will need a second dose.  

For full details of vaccinations in France click here

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