University costs and grants

Reminder - if you are starting higher education in France this October, your grant application has to be in by the end of this month - 30 April.
To find out if you are entitled to a grant and how much

Am I entitled to a student grant?

Even if you were not a boursier (entitled to an education grant) at lycée, you may well be entitled to a higher education grant.
Grants are awarded according to a combination of your family's income, the number of dependent children in the household and the distance of your chosen university from your home.
Go to the site to calculate the amount you are entitled to.
Your application must be end by internet via the CROUS (Centre régional des œuvres universitaires) site of your chosen university by 30 April. You will receive an application form by post which you must complete and return within eight days.

What if I miss the deadline?
If you miss the deadline, you can still apply but your case will not be treated as a 'priority application' so could take some time.
If your or your families circumstances change for the worse during the academic year it is possible to ask for your DSE, Dossier social étudiant, to be re-examined. In these circumstances contact your local CROUS for advice.

Does taking a part time job affect my grant?
If you take a part time job while you are a student in order to supplement your income, this will not affect your grant which is calculated according to the family income, not the student's. However, make sure any work you take on does not interfere with your studies as your grant depends on your being demonstrably committed to your course.

What happens if I fail my exams while receiving a grant?
It depends how often this happens. A student going into higher education has the right to 7 grants: a maximum of five for the initial degree and two or three (depending how many have been used up) for a masters.
The first two grants are awarded without any check up on your progress.The third is paid when you have earned 60 credits (roughly a year of studies). The fourth and fifth when you have 120 credits (roughly two years of studies). The sixth at 180 credits or three years.

If I quit my studies do I have to repay the grant?
In principle, yes. However, you can ask to be exonerated, depending on the reason you have decided to quit.


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