Victory for autism campaigners

Families of children with autism have won am important victory in their struggle to outlaw the use of psychoanalysis to treat the disorder.
Thousands of parents have been struggling for years against the French practice of putting autistic children under psychiatric care, including committing them to psychiatric hospitals and using near-medieval techniques such as wrapping them in freezing cold wet blankets to "calm" their disorder.
In an extraordinary case of censorship, France also recently banned the airing of a film made to highlight current practise and call for a change. 
Now, finally,  the French health authorities (HAS) have recommended the use of educational and behavioural approaches to autism, such as have been used in the US and Britain for many years and agreed that the use of psychoanalysis is 'not agreed upon by all'. Campaigners, however, believe that they should go further and classify its use as 'not recommended'.
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