Call to ban homework!

Teachers and parents groups are calling for a fortnight's homework ban - starting today (26 March) - to raise the issue of whether homework helps pupils or, on the contrary, is counterproductive.
The FCPE, one of the main parents' associations, and the Icem (Icem-Pedagogie Freinet) are inviting parents and teachers to post their comments on the website 'Ce soir pas de devoirs' (no homework tonight).

One teacher who supports the homework ban says this is the ideal opportunity for parents to do something different with their children such as cooking, talking or gardening together instead of  checking their homework.

Other commentators make the point that homework can penalise children from less advantageous backgrounds whose parents may not have the abilities, or time, to get involved in schoolwork. 'Parents shouldn't be expected to fill in for teachers, any more than teachers should become parents,' writes one mother.

Homework can also become a source of tension within the home.

On the other hand, many parents favour homework as means for them to keep abreast of their child's progress.


  1. I SO support the homework ban. Although my children are now at lycee and need to be doing more (not less!) homework, I hated it when they came home from primaire and college with homework. Children already have an incredibly long school day which should be enough time for teachers to teach them, leaving them time to play and relax in the evenings - which they also need. And that's not to mention the weight of their 'cartables' (satchels) which should be illegal...

  2. Love the remark that instead of doing homework with them, parents instead have the time to cook, talk and garden with them - they learn a lot more doing this and when it comes to quality time it's a no-brainer - forcing them to come in out of the sun and do homework or pottering round the veg patch and opening up about their day!

  3. I feel neither one way or the other about my children's homework. They seem to enjoy doing it, and do it without help from me or my husband (I don't see the point in helping them as it doesn't benefit them in the long run). My boys prefer to stay at school for an extra half an hour at the end of the day to do theirs, although my eldest often doesn't finish it in that time and has to finish it at home.
    I think it is a good discipline.


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