Holiday Jobs

Working teen (photo from shutterstock)
Summer jobs are a great way to earn some money, make friends and add work experience to a CV – and the Easter holiday is the time for teens to start looking for the summer ahead. Here are tips for job hunting and a round-up of the law on teenage working hours.

Call to ban homework!

Teachers and parents groups are calling for a fortnight's homework ban - starting today (26 March) - to raise the issue of whether homework helps pupils or, on the contrary, is counterproductive.

The Hunger Games - what are they?

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
The Hunger Games – in which children are forced to fight to the death for a popular TV reality show  – is the latest teen phenomenon.
The Hunger Games is both the name of the first book in a trilogy as well as the film which has just gone on general release.

Victory for autism campaigners

Families of children with autism have won am important victory in their struggle to outlaw the use of psychoanalysis to treat the disorder.

Rougeole jabs

Many children are coming home from lycée and college with notes advising them to get a rougeole, or measles, vaccination. To find out if your child needs a booster you need to dig out their baby vaccination notes. If they had two doses (children born in Britain in 1994, for example, will probably have had two doses) they do not need a top up now. If they only had one dose (children born in the UK in 1995, for example) they should have a top up now. If in doubt, talk to your medicin traitant (GP).
More about vaccinations here

Options for clever kids

The little known Bac OIB – L'option internationale du baccalauréat – gives children a grounding in English Literature, essay-writing in English and opens the way to either the top French universities or higher education overseas. 

choosing a lycée

There are two types of lycée – lycée générale et téchnologique and lycée professionelle, known as a lycée pro.

To smack or not to smack?

A news item, Bon Usage de la fessée - a fessée being a smack rather than, say, a clout - aired recently on a prime time TF1 series on education and child rearing.
In a parenting workshop, during which parents admitted to sometimes slapping their children, a pediatrician mused that using physical punishment to hurt or humiliate a child is inappropriate while failing to condemn corporal punishment per se.

education grants

There are several, means-tested, school grants available in France. These are:

Boarding: the internat

It is not at all uncommon for lycée students to board, especially if they want to follow a course that is not available locally. French parents also put their children into the internat – even if the school is not very far away – in the hope that they will work harder.