Complaining about schools and teachers

It is far better, if you can, to sort out any problems amicably with the teacher or school concerned, but if this isn’t possible, there is a formal complaints system. 
If meetings with a teacher or head teacher are going nowhere, your next step could be to send a formal letter of complaint.
It is also worth approaching the parent representatives on the school council or contacting the school’s parents association.

Your next step is to contact the Inspecteur d’academie for your area. (Scroll down the page to the clickable map here for details of the inspecteurs in your area.)

A final step is mediation through government appointed mediators for the education system:

If your complaint is about the school then you need to contact the academic mediator, called the Médiateur académique for your region.

If the complaint concerns a decision made by a national or regional education body or official then the complaint should be made to the national education mediator, called the Médiateur de l'éducation nationale .

Although the decision of the mediator is not binding on the education authority their advice is generally accepted and adopted.

If all else fails, you can also take legal action through the courts.

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